Meet Victor

Victor Lodevico is a Los Angeles based digital artist, Kyle's nurse and best friend. 

In 2009, upon receiving his Vocational Nursing license, Victor was assigned to Kyle Norman's case, and the two created an instant bond. Victor saw first hand the impact that disease can have on a young child's body. Though Kyle's physical abilities would wane, Victor felt the joy and strength of Kyle's inner spirit, so much so that Victor began to sketch pictures showcasing Kyle in settings appropriate of a little boy -- images that portrayed Kyle through Victor's eyes. He even nicknamed Kyle 'SuperCaptainBraveMan.'

Victor was ecstatic when Kyle's parents, Paul and Jennifer, approached him with the idea of partnering to develop a children's picture book series inspired by Kyle and the SuperCaptainBraveMan character.

The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan is Victor's first illustrated children's book. Victor is also the self-published author of the young adult/coming of age novel, The Memories That Break Our Fall

In his spare time, Victor enjoys going to Disneyland on the weekends, playing piano and guitar, and spending days in the park sketching.