JENNIFER NORMAN with gavin mchugh, venice beach. cerebral palsy doesn’t stop gavin from surfing or pursuing his dreams.

JENNIFER NORMAN with gavin mchugh, venice beach. cerebral palsy doesn’t stop gavin from surfing or pursuing his dreams.

Meet Jennifer

Adopted at the age of two into a bustling family that would ultimately include six children (three natural and three adopted), Jennifer Norman learned early on that a life filled with love and opportunity is a precious gift that should not be taken for granted.

Like most parents, having a child gave Jennifer's life a whole new sense of purpose. But when her son Kyle suddenly began showing signs of chronic illness at the tender age of two, that purpose changed from raising a 'normal', healthy child to fighting for her child's life.

After attending Virginia Tech, receiving an MBA from Georgetown University and building a successful career in marketing for more than 20 years, Jennifer began devoting her time to writing and promoting the SuperCaptainBraveMan series as a way to educate youth on empathy, compassion and friendship to kids with a diverse range of health issues, so that all children can grow up feeling as loved and as special as they deserve.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys a multitude of hobbies: exercising, yoga, drumming, gardening, sewing, jewelry making, painting, reading, and entertaining.

Paul norman. Photo credit: tom rowe

Paul norman. Photo credit: tom rowe

Meet Paul

Born and raised in Bronx, NY to a Puerto Rican mom and an African American dad, Paul was instilled with values of diversity appreciation, education and self-reliance from an early age. Paul accelerated in his studies, graduating from high school at the age of sixteen then obtaining a degree in Visual & Media Arts from Emerson College. 

Paul moved from New York to Los Angeles to embark on a successful career as a First Assistant Director. His first wife gave birth to a healthy daughter, Honour, who he loves more than life itself.

After his second child, Kyle, was diagnosed with a rare, incurable genetic disorder, Paul refused to accept that his son would not survive. He fought battle after battle, advocating for Kyle's care, seeking medical expertise wherever it could be found, committing himself to Kyle's recovery. 

Paul conceived the idea for a SuperCaptainBraveMan book upon being inspired by Kyle's nurse, Victor, who would often sketch pictures of Kyle as a happy, healthy, active boy. Truly, that was how those close to Kyle often envisioned him. 

In his spare time, Paul enjoys golfing, fitness, watching sports and drinking red wine. 

leah lodevico with daughter remy

leah lodevico with daughter remy

Meet Leah

Leah Lodevico is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and author. A native Angeleno, she received her nursing license in 2009 but debated which facet of healthcare appealed to her most. With her sense of adventure and fun-loving personality, pediatrics seemed a perfect fit.

In 2011, Leah became a mother for the first time. Her beautiful daughter Remy instantly became the light of her life. Leah is now raising Remy in the same house she where she grew up. Together, they read and sing most afternoons while Leah works on one of the many half-finished craft projects around their living room. 

When Leah decided to return to work in 2015, she was assigned to Kyle’s case and soon became part of the family. She and Kyle share love for everything Star Wars and Marvel Universe, and they enjoy building massive LEGO sets together. 

An avid and voracious reader, Leah is also game for all kinds of DIY projects and chances to learn. This willingness to throw herself into new experiences led her to passions for knitting, cross stitch, sewing, and a brief but intense week of nail art. 

In 2018, Victor Lodevico, the illustrator of SuperCaptainBraveMan and Leah’s brother, approached her to write for the eBook series, A Kyle Adventure, and she’s been writing for SuperCaptainBraveMan ever since.