Yes!!!! A new installment of SuperCaptainBraveMan!!! I absolutely love this series! In today’s world we have new obstacles to hurdle as parents, and this series helps explain diversity in other spectrums. Modern series like SuperCaptainBraveMan help my sons see that occasionally we need to help our friends and understand not everyone plays the same way. The SuperCaptainBraveMan series brings out the modern issues of today that help children make friendships and know that there’s no stop to adventure!
— Jessica G., 09.28.19 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
SuperCaptainBraveMan is an amazing book and a must read for kids because aside from the fun adventures, it teaches them so many important things and values. The book illustrates and explains that being different from each other is okay, and that’s what makes us special. It also makes the readers realize that we have to be brave in our daily challenges. The book brings us back to what’s really vital in life, which are family, friends, showing respect and being kind to one another. My four-year old son enjoys reading the book and aside from the moral lessons, he learns some medical stuff too such as the ventilator, wheelchair, G-tube. We highly recommend SuperCaptainBraveMan books, we just ordered the latest book. ;)
— Ana S., 09.27.19 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
There are very few words that I can use to adequately describe just how POWERFUL the SuperCaptainBraveMan book series is, nor are there words well enough to describe just how important their message of inclusion is. In just a few short books they’ve helped children and adults alike (myself included) truly understand that those who may have been born with a few extra physical or developmental hurdles aren’t any different than those otherwise. Aside from the illustrations (which are simply beautiful) my favorite thing about this series from each book I’ve read so far is that they take the time to talk about and raise awareness of other people’s state of being- be it dependent on a wheelchair or walker or G-Tube, or even a step further towards Autism or Down Syndrome; and they discuss them in such a way that it helps children understand that it’s okay to walk up to someone who may look or act differently than you and say, “Hello, do you wanna play?” I fully recommend this book series for anyone and everyone.
— Corey T., 09.25.19 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I got the first book a few months ago and I really wanted to get the second one as this is such an inspiration for other kids and families and sends great values as staying positive, strong and keep smiling no matter what happens in your life. I highly recommend it! Great gift for Christmas too!
— Romain W., 11.16.17 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
What we have here is a gem of a children’s book. And I must say, I was completely surprised by how touched I was after reading the book to my son tonight. 

SUPERCAPTAINBRAVEMAN: a children’s book about a sweet young boy who is a little different from the other little boys and girls. Kyle is bound to a wheelchair. Kyle needs a little help from a machine to breathe. Kyle is different. Kyle is STILL a happy, smart, and needed child. One night while Kyle slips off to sleep into a dream, he becomes a SUPERHERO of sorts, he turns into SUPERCAPTAINBRAVEMAN. In his dream, he meets a girl in the same predicament as he, children looking on, thinking she can’t play like them, have fun like them...But SUPERCAPTAINBRAVEMAN changes things for this his heart, he knows they can all include those who are different, still have fun, make friends and still play!!

This is a book every parent needs to buy their child. This is a book not to be sat on a shelf but to be read out loud. This is a book that has the most positive message, a message that is often these days NOT taught to our children. Those that have disabilities, those who are different, those who may not look like us...they are still human beings. They are still happy inside and need love and acceptance in return.

I give this book 5/5 stars for a children’s book. It is everything that a children’s book should be, and so much more. This book was written based on inspiration from the co-authors son. Grab it NOW!!!
— from Stephanie G., "The Book Lover Book Club," 01.24.17 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My little girl loves this book, it’s an amazing book and there should be more like this book out there! My little girl could relate to Kyle and loved supercaptainbraveman’s adventures he had with friends at the park. A must have book!
— Mito_mermaid, 07.14.16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A VERY VERY VERY much needed modern day SUPERHERO. What a beautiful book for all children. A must for schools, libraries, hospitals and Dr Office’s. Looking very forward to huge things ahead.
— Renee A., 06.02.16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What to expect: Superheroes, Acceptance, Compassion, Friendship

The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan: A Day at the Park is the first title in a brand new picture book series that encourages kids to be inclusive and accept each other’s differences. The authors’ son Kyle is the inspiration behind the series.

Readers are introduced to Kyle, a smart young boy with a big heart. Just like all young kids, he enjoys going to the park, playing with bubbles, being read to at bedtime, and, just like many, Kyle also has a special bond with his dog Mochi. The authors explain that Kyle’s body does not make as much energy as other kids his age and that he has extra special equipment to help him through the day. The subsequent pages describe these special items, including a wheel chair and ventilator.

Kyle has a wonderful connection with his nurse, Brigette, who is with him from morning to night. When Brigette and Kyle begin playing with bubbles at the park, the other kids that are there playing notice the bubbles, but are too shy to come over to Kyle in his wheelchair. While sleeping, Kyle has dreams that he does not need his special items to get through the day, instead he has superpowers: he becomes SuperCaptainBraveMan and he can do anything without getting tired or feeling afraid. And when Kyle is SuperCaptainBraveMan every child is included and he helps kids find games that everyone can play—even kids in wheelchairs.

This is a great double-edged story. On one hand it is an empowering tale for children with special needs: “You can do amazing things if you decide to try.” On the other hand, it encourages all children to learn how to be compassionate and inclusive. The storytelling is clear and sweet and does a fine job depicting Kyle’s life and creating interest and understanding. The cartoon illustrations have been created by Kyle’s real-life nurse-turned-digital-artist Victor Lodevico. They provide pop and energy in the right places and really give Kyle an inner superhero spark, even when he is not in costume.

The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan: A Day at the Park is a great choice for group reading in an educational setting. The more children that are touched with the message of acceptance and appreciation for children and adults with all kinds of differences, the better off the world will be. A fist bump goes to the entire team that worked on this book. We think the idea behind this new series deserves a wide audience, but even if this book only resonated with one young reader, they would have already made a difference.
— Bianca S., The Children's Book Review, 05.17.16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First of all I loved the dedication of the book: ‘This book is dedicated to and inspired by our beloved son Kyle, who is living proof that love, hope and persistence create miracles every day.’

Kyle, the little boy and main character of the book, is a delight. He has hopes and dreams just like all the other kids, but unfortunately he has many challenges in his life to contend with. He has a rare disorder that impedes his health and his mobility. He needs special equipment and constant care by nurses and doctors to aid in his everyday quality of life.

He is mobile by his wheelchair, he uses a ventilator to help him breathe better, and his food consists of a special formula (prepared by Nurse Brigette) that he receives through a little spout on his tummy called a g-tube.

Nurse Brigette wonders if he would like to go to the park and Kyle answers with a resounding, ‘Yes please!’

They have a wonderful day blowing bubbles and watching them float through the park. Other kids are there playing and notice Kyle but are too shy to talk to him.

When Kyle is finally in bed that night and thinking about his day, he contentedly falls asleep. It’s then that the magic begins. He dreams he is SuperCaptainBraveMan!! He revisits the park flying high as his cape flies out behind him in the wind. He has transformed into a superhero that is courageous and invincible. He never is tired or afraid and is always on the lookout for kids to rescue who are feeling sad, unwell or scared.

Will he find someone in the park that needs his help and that he can rescue? Will there be other kids there that he can bring together so they all can play and laugh as a group and no one feels isolated or left out? What do you think? Will it be mission complete before dawn breaks and Kyle awakens to another day?

This is the debut book of the series, and its mission is to tell Kyle’s story of how much he is loved and valued despite the many challenges he faces. SuperCaptainBraveman wants to educate and encourage its readers to show love, acceptance and compassion by reaching out to those who are less fortunate. A smile or a friendly interaction (such as a handshake or invitation to play) can totally change someone’s world from feeling isolated and deeply sad into a happy, hopeful one. Everyone must be treated with dignity and respect. All are unique and a precious gifts to be unwrapped and delighted in, no matter what challenges life brings to them.

I loved the positive message of the book and I highly recommend it.
— from Marilyn P. "StoryWraps", 05.10.16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of the cutest books ever! My girls enjoyed every page of it and turned into a superhero while reading. Now that’s a win in my book! Highly recommend!
— from Kendra K., 05.04.2016 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️